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CrossFit de L’Ouest is CrossFit West Island – the original West Island CrossFit Gym! We use CrossFit training to improve health, strength and conditioning of all our clients, regardless of their level of physical fitness. By using functional movement at high intensity, our clients can attain performance at levels they never thought possible.

We base ourselves on an empirical training program structure which has been tested many times over. Our method allows our clients to achieve tangible improvements in strength, endurance and body composition. Far from being restrained to high-level athlete development, CrossFit is applicable to all individual regardless of current level of fitness!


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Meet our staff! We’re passionate about our work and want to meet you!

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Contact & Directions

Contact & Directions

Get directions to our facility from the West Island or elsewhere!

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Policies & Rules

Look here to find our policies regarding privacy, refunds, and more.

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