Why CF de l’ouest?

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There are many good CrossFit affiliates in the area, what sets CrossFit de l’ouest apart from the rest?

Excellence in Coaching

All of our coaches follow a rigorous training and education period before they teach classes. Our coaches are experienced, meticulous, and knowledgeable. CrossFit de l’ouest is a premium service and as such we do not substitute unpaid interns for experienced trainers. Our coaches have years of experience coaching everyone from beginners to podium-finisher CrossFit Games Regionals athletes. Our coaches’ endless pursuit of self-improvement and intellectual curiosity is reflected in our teaching methods and our approach to client assessment and coaching.

Technique First

Many CrossFit affiliates have a reputation for sacrificing technique for intensity. We do not adhere to this notion and value quality of movement above all. This is reflected in the structure of our Fundamentals and our group classes, small class sizes, and personalized feedback.

Client-to-Coach Ratio

We believe that CrossFit is best experienced in small groups. For this reason we make a point of maintaining our clients-to-coach ratio to no more than 6:1 in Fundamentals and 12:1 in group classes compared to the much higher ratios offered by other affiliates.

Specialty Classes

CrossFit de l’ouest offers you the opportunity to refine your skills with specialty classes offered by true experts in their respective fields. Our on-site specialty classes include weightlifting classes given by the Centre d’Haltérophile du West-Island CHWI which include international-level weightlifters, and gymnastics specialty classes. In addition we offer mobility classes and CrossFit skill refinement classes offered by our senior coaches. The breadth & depth of specialty classes are unmatched by any affiliate in the area.

Top-Notch Facilities and Equipment

  • CrossFit de l’ouest sources only the best, top-of-the line equipment from manufacturers like Gorila Fitness, Rogue, and Pendlay to ensure an optimal client experience.
  • CrossFit de l’ouest is the West Island’s only fully air-conditioned CrossFit facility, it may not sound too important in January but it makes a huge difference once the summer heat comes in!
  • At CrossFit de l’ouest, we have beautiful and recently renovated locker room and shower facilities.
  • CrossFit affiliates are often dirty and messy. We believe that training hard and having a tidy and beautiful workspace are not mutually exclusive, so both our staff and our clients make a conscious effort to keep up a beautiful space for all to enjoy.