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I have never really liked working out. In fact, I would dread it. I’d watch the clock and as it would inch closer and closer to workout time, I would start playing mind games with myself. Maybe my knees would hurt today, then tomorrow my hair is perfect and I don’t want to ruin it with a workout, the day after a new excuse would creep in. All of these excuses kept me in a perpetual cycle of loathing and hate. In the summer of 2018, I’ve reached my lowest point and I knew something needs to be done. I contacted Julie and the rest is history.

What made it different this time? First of all, she customizes workouts just for me. It’s fun, it’s never boring and it’s always different.  In fact, now if I dread a workout is because of those damn Bulgarian split squats. We work out at my pace and throughout Julie has been extremely flexible to adjust to my needs. Which brings me to my next point and it’s a big one – nutrition.

I started dieting at a prime age of 12 and I thought in order to stay thin, one must starve. And with that thought a cycle of crash diets ensued. How did Julie make a difference? She asked me to keep a diary of what I eat. But I eat so healthy, I replied. Again, with tiny steps we made small adjustments to my diet. Adjustments so small that I was able to sustain them and adapt to my lifestyle. I don’t count calories, macros, carbs or fats. I don’t eat greens, reds or oranges separately. I don’t eat fruits in the morning because carbs and sugars are so bad in the afternoon. I don’t have energy or time for that. I do eat vegetables with every meal and now I cannot even imagine my meal without having vegetables in it.

Sure, I’ve had days when I felt like the pounds are just impossibly slow to come off but then I also remember that I eat what I want and I stopped feeling guilty for eating a cake on occasion. I get up the next day, go to the gym and make sure I eat vegetables with every meal. 😊