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Most of our clients joining CrossFit de l’ouest will be directed to the Fundamentals classes as an entry point to our program. At CrossFit de l’ouest, we believe that a solid and complete introductory program is  a central element to ensure that you can smoothly join the group classes while feeling confident in your knowledge of movements. Our Fundamentals is a sequence of 11 classes spread over 4 weeks (3x/week) designed to teach you how to safely perform the movements you will need to participate in our small group classes. Regardless of your fitness level at the start, these classes are structured and technically challenging.

We start you out with simple movements and build on them to complex movements like olympic lifts and gymnastics skills. As your proficiency with the movements increases, the load progressively increases so as to continue challenging you.  All Fundamentals classes also include a workout portion, scaled to your fitness level, that will challenge you continuously and help you ratchet up the intensity level while maintaining proper mechanics.

Our Fundamentals are given with no more than a 6:1 client:coach ratio, ensuring that we have sufficient time to work with you individually to address all form issues, as well as to work with existing injuries or other limitations if needed. Our Fundamentals require no prior knowledge of exercise theory and have no fitness level requirements, however even fit clients will be challenged. Throughout all 11 fundamentals classes you will be evaluated on your ability to complete the movements safely and efficiently. Far from being limited to “just” movement coaching, our Fundamentals also includes discussions of proper nutrition, explaining how you can change your eating habits to accelerate results. To use a metaphor, we don’t give you the fish in Fundamentals, we teach you how to fish!

Small Group Classes

Once you have successfully completed the Fundamentals classes, you will be invited to join our small group classes. This is where the real fun begins: classes are intense, fun, and challenging. Every time you enter the gym, we expect you to give 100% and try to exceed what you have done before. We limit the number of students in these classes to ensure that you have our full attention and that we can continue to give you one-on-one feedback on your technique and movement. Small group classes also allow us to modify the workouts to take into account any injuries or limitations you may have. In these classes, we will help you refine your technique, increase efficiency on the various movements, and push your limits. Most people achieve feats they never thought possible, regardless of where they started!

Private Fundamentals & Personal Training

If you would like more flexibility in scheduling and one-on-one attention, private fundamentals may be right for you. Click here for more details.

Testing Out

If you feel confident and comfortable performing basic gymnastics movements (i.e. pull-ups, dips, handstands) power lifts and Olympic lifts (ie. clean and jerk, snatch, deadlift, squat), you can request to test out of the Fundamentals and gain immediate access to our small group classes. Call or email us to schedule a time to come in and demonstrate your competence with one of our coaches. We have extremely high standards, so if you are unsure as to whether you are a candidate for testing out, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our Fundamentals. If you think you are a candidate for testing out, contact us (information at bottom of page)!

Do you want to know more about our fee structure? Click here to see our rates. Would you prefer to hear about people just like you who have seen the CrossFit de l’ouest difference?