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What is the Relation Between CrossFit and my Sport?

CrossFit is used as a basis for general physical preparation (GPP) by law enforcement officers, firefighters, and more. The demands of these profession specifically require to be prepared for the “unknown and the unknowable”. In this sense, CrossFit de l’ouest’s group class programming is, by design, general and avoids prioritizing any specific development at the detriment of another. In this sense, CrossFit is extremely useful as a basis for the general athlete.

For athletes who are looking to develop strength and conditioning for a specific sport, a general CrossFit programming is not optimal. Taking the example of soccer, for instance, the following are known about the sport:

  • Field is approximately 100 meters long.
  • Match consists of 2 continuous halves of 45 minutes separated by a 15 minute break.
  • There are 10 players and one goalkeeper per side.
  • The game is played with the feet with a spherical ball roughly 70 cm in circumference.

While this is clearly an incomplete list of what is known about a soccer player’s demand it does change what should be prioritized in training. One must also realize that someone wishing to become a high-level soccer player will not wish to specialize in the same way as someone wishing to improve at mixed martial arts. At CrossFit de l’ouest we coach athletes and write programs that bias appropriately for athletes such as soccer players by putting an emphasis on the aspects of physical fitness specific to their sports. In the case of our soccer player for example, a bias would be put towards running, posterior chain (leg and hip) explosiveness, and agility.

At CrossFit de l’ouest we have worked with high-level runners, skiers, and soccer players as well as former athletes in a slew of disciplines. For sport-specific training, we analyze your sport and come up with the best conditioning program for your demands whether for hockey, socker, ski, or any other sport.

Note that CrossFit will NOT replace your sport-specific skill work. That is to say that while we can improve your strength and speed, you still need to practice your dribbling skills if you want to become a better basketball player. CrossFit de l’ouest’s experienced coaches work with your skill training schedule to design a program which will complement it, ensuring that you get optimal results without negatively impacting your practices.

Is Sport-Specific Training Right for Me?

Sport-specific training could be right if you are someone who:

  • Is a developing athlete looking to make the “big team”.
  • Is a high-level athlete looking for in or off season training.
  • Is looking for an edge in your sport.
  • Is someone looking to bust a stubborn plateau.

Contact us and find out about how CrossFit de l’ouest’s sport-specific training can integrate with your training schedule and help you gain an edge over your competition in your sport!